Represent Yourself to Employers with an Amazing Resume

Since 1999, ResumeStrong has been preparing exceptional resumes for people in all job functions, careers, and industries. Each resume we prepare is strategically and thoughtfully designed and written following a proven resume writing methodology that involves several hours of information analysis, writing and editing, and quality control. We prepare all resumes with the same care as if we were preparing our own.

Resume Writing and Business Experience

Most resume services produce a document that qualifies as a resume, but the quality is poor. They do this because it is the fastest and easiest thing to do. They do not take the time to give advice on important factors relevant to a person's specific situation because they either do not truly understand how employers evaluate resumes and candidates, or because they are fearful that people will not understand and this will create more work.

Our Exemplary Experience

ResumeStrong associates have extensive corporate work experience in human resources, recruiting, and staffing, search firm headhunting, job search and career counseling, and business, technical, and creative writing. We are skilled experts at effectively packaging a resume to achieve maximum results with hiring managers, recruiters, and HR professionals. We know the exact methodology they use when evaluating resumes and candidates.

Our Commitment to You

If you choose to work with ResumeStrong we will go above and beyond to ensure that you receive an exceptionally well prepared resume and that your experience is positive. We will give you honest, straightforward, and amazingly useful advice on how to strategically structure your employment history, job titles, job descriptions, and every other item on your resume based on how employers analyze and make decisions about candidates.

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Professional Resume Writing Service

We Will Make You Shine

Your new resume will be an influential, high impact, and engaging professional resume presentation that captures the attention of human resources and corporate recruiters and motivates hiring managers to call you. A resume written and prepared by hiring and resume writing experts is critical to progress forward faster and higher.

A Smart / Wise Decision

Hiring research exists showing that a resume prepared by trained resume writers will have an immeasurable impact on a job search. If you market yourself with a resume written by experts in recruiting and HR you will have more choices, better options, and your job search will end sooner. Having a new resume professionally prepared is a great business, career, and life decision.



Job Search Success