The Goal is an Outstanding Resume, Not Just a Resume

ResumeStrong is a prestigious resume writing service with a full-time team that has decades of experience in corporate recruiting, human resources, staffing, and resume writing. We know how employers assess resumes, evaluate candidates, and make interview decisions.

Why hire a resume service?

The content and quality of your resume presentation directly impacts your livelihood, career, security, and future. For a modest investment you can avoid the negative consequences of representing yourself to employers with a homemade resume. Missing out on opportunities, underemployment, lack of quality job options, and poor employer choices is a resume issue.

What makes us the best?

We are experts in recruiting, hiring, staffing, and human resources from years of working at brand name companies and national search firms. This experience is critically important for preparing effective resumes that impress quality employers and attract interviews. We do not produce what qualifies as a resume like most. We produce exceptional resumes.

How do you do it so quickly?

The resume writing process that we utilize is not a quick process. Sending the resume back to you by the end of the next day is quick. Unlike nearly all services you may encounter, we are a normal business with a full-time writing staff. Most resume services are part-time or after-hour operations and they cannot produce a high quality resume by the next day.

How is the price so amazing?

Since we are a full-time resume writing service, unlike most services, we can accept more clients, prepare more resumes, and be more competitively priced. Services found through job sites outsource your resume to a third party. Resumes are marked up so the job site can get a cut. Lastly, 67% of our new customers come from referrals so we do not pay for ads.

What will my resume look like?

Each resume we develop is perfectly written, tailored, and targeted. We give expert advice on what to include and exclude based on how employers evaluate resumes and candidates. Our resumes meet all accepted resume standards and are expertly worded, formatted, and packaged based on a person's specific occupation, job function, career, and industry.

Who writes my new resume?

ResumeStrong is comprised of a team of professionals with extensive experience in human resources, recruiting and staffing, headhunting, marketing, and business, technical, and creative writing. We are multi-certified professionals highly skilled at effectively packaging a resume to achieve maximum results with hiring managers, recruiters, and HR/staffing.

Is there a resume guarantee?

If the resume you receive does not exceed your expectations we will gladly make changes or rewrite your resume until you are 100% satisfied. Every month we prepare hundreds of new resumes for customers and each one requires several hours of writing and preparation. We are incredibly thorough and we take great pride in the product we produce for our clients.

How do I submit information?

Information is gathered using current/past resumes, simple questionnaire, etc. You will be redirected to a page on our website and receive an email after payment to get started. You can provide your information anytime. Information gathering is easy and it works perfectly every time. Resumes services do not gather information verbally due to accuracy issues.

What areas are we experts in?

Sales - Administrative - Healthcare - Medical - Teaching - Retail - Accounting - Finance - Customer Service - Marketing - Human Resources - Manufacturing - Transportation - Law - Biotech - Hospitality - Engineering - Operations - General Labor - Information Technology - Construction - Security - Social Sciences - Banking - Humanities - Engineering - Logistics - Public Relations - Arts - Creative - Driver - Mechanic - Business Manager - Training - Etc.